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Car Drag Racing game

Activity hustling and driving in city street, float with quick speed with your companions. Attempt your best to be the primary spot. Race 1 VS 1, or with numerous different players, drive your opponents’s auto, get the most noteworthy scores and assume the most elevated position in world rank in Car Drag Racing.

Car Drag Racing is the exemplary nitro fuelled hustling auto game! Race, Tune, Upgrade and Customize 20+ genuine authorized autos from the word’s auto producers! Tune your auto and quicken your approach to triumph, include nitrous oxide for more fun, yet don’t hit the catch too soon! Go further and modify adapt proportions to shave off valuable milliseconds through 10 levels of autos and race categories.

Drag hustling in city activity with your own particular manner might be fun enough, however a definitive test is in the “online” area. Join a group to trade tunes, talk about system and share your accomplishments. At that point clash against your companions or arbitrary racers, beat them while driving their own autos, or race against 9 players without a moment’s delay progressively competitions.

 Car Drag Racing Cheats

Car Drag Racing (Hints and Tips)



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We have explored Car Drag Racing again and this growling brute was great time executioner motor. A portion of the works of the body in this game is another lick of paint and the most recent variant has some hot increments. Give me a chance to give a short synopsis of the progressions and our tips to secure their companions in a drag race!


As soon as you begin, there are tennis popular and crazy music that touches you. The design are funked up and there is an area where you can buy extra focuses. When you achieve the profession area has a total reordering of catches with a much heavier accentuation on online rivalries. The most recognizable distinction is the decision of world records. Gracious … and once you have begun the game, you will see that the young lady in the race has been supplanted with a few lights advantageous career.


Here are a few tips for tenderfoots on the most proficient method to enhance vocation and how to utilize their cash and regard focuses are introduced adequately. Later on we want to demonstrate a few pilots as well.

[If you are a novice and need to know the best overhauls, check our upgrade here.]

[If you’re a fledgling or moderate player and need to know how to tune your auto, then look at our tuning tips here.]

Information for beginners

The first thing to do is to play and appreciate the game. Try not to stress such a great amount over what auto to purchase when you begin. It doesn’t make a difference, and is anything but difficult to inspire cash to purchase autos and to set one up level later.

The fundamental arrangement is to bring the main quick cash and regard focuses with the goal that they can purchase autos that are at a more elevated amount. Larger amount, more cash and regard focuses will win his vocation. The speediest approach to procure cash at any level approach to play internet hustling in light of the fact that it has more money prizes, and there are purposes of contact (which later should overhaul their autos). Bounce specifically to the Fast Racing> Fights pilots.

It is not important to prepare your auto, so it is the least expensive approach to battle. Take note of this lone works at low levels – when the masters play it is a trial of their capacity to plan, on the grounds that the adversary will know the auto and get started.

Once you have cash, then you can pick an auto to attempt – to be extremely exact to guarantee that you realize what level suits your auto. We ought to endeavor to claim an auto in each level to permit more noteworthy opportunity in the game. We offer made via auto at each level at first. Additionally, make an effort not to utilize purposes of regard where conceivable – keep them to redesign their autos all the more genius later.

Then you can go face to face or Pro class with an auto that you know about. Try not to stress over losing a game, simply concentrate on practice and enhance your method. Your genuine fight is dependably with him and in his extra time. As yet attempting to lose those seconds. In the end you will see that you’re dependably overcome – that will tune up your auto, since you need to get the quickest on the planet – will cover this later.

Common strategies for car

In early levels begin discharge are helpful and controlling is less a punishment time. To start the begin, press the quickening agent. Utilize lights race to choose when the pedal completely discouraged. In general in the third golden. (Getting the ideal discharge likewise compensates you with more cash – regardless of the possibility that you don’t win the race).

With encounter, you will see that a few autos run better without turning wheel (particularly at more elevated amounts). When you discover it, it ought to consider utilizing the privilege for NOx first conquer its moderate start.

No matter what auto you utilize, most secure to utilize the time Nox is promptly after it is in second apparatus. This velocities up its increasing speed and puts him third quick speed. This is an extremely safe recipe, yet not really the most ideal way.

Car Drag Racing Features:

  1. Car Drag Racing – Unlimited Gems
  2. Car Drag Racing – Unlimited Coins
  3. Car Drag Racing – Unlock Super Sports Car
  4. Car Drag Racing – Android & iOS platforms
  5. Car Drag Racing – No Jailbreak
Car Drag Racing Cheats DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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Car Drag Racing Cheats DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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➥ DOWNLOAD MIRROR 2 (updated to last version)
➥ Alternative mirror (updated link)
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